A Day to Remember Quotes

Posted by Vebra on April 08, 2012

A Day to Remember's song structures typically follow a metalcore verses and blends into a more pop punk style chorus. An American rock band from Ocala, Florida, A Day to Remember has released four studio albums, nine singles and eight music videos.


A Day to Remember Quotes

I can't live my life always backing down. I got to do this right, then make it make a sound. Cos I'm not here for nothing. At least I can say I stand for something.

Remember when I tried, I never strayed to far from you. Forever by your side, no matter what I was going through. But now I, never know, the things to say to you.

Help me prove that I'm still on your side. I never showed just what you do to me. The timing was always wrong.

My world cannot ever bring me down. Everything I had is turning back around. Because our times worth something bigger then both you and me.

Don't be so quick to blame a friend. When the smoke is cleared, there will be nobody left.

You know you can't give me what I need and even though you mean so much to me, I can't wait through everything.

No one can understand I just can't be tied down. Nothing comes between me and my plans.

A Day To Remember lyrics

From one of their song, "Monument"
Twenty bucks says you'll remember me
When you see me on your TV screen
It may be the first time
But it won't be the last time

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