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The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.
- Ross Perot

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can never learn from books.
- John Lubbock


Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.
- Pedro Calderon

You can tell how high a society is by how much of its garbage is recycled.
- John Muir

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.
- Dr. Edward O. Wilson

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
- Martin Luther


The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built.
- Frank Lloyd Wright

The best friend of earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.
- Frank Lloyd Wright

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, "What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?"
- Rachel Carson

If you want to see an endangered species, get up and look in the mirror.
- Marshall McLuhan

The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.
- Barry Commoner

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

The green revolution has an entirely different meaning to most people in the affluent nations of the privileged world than to those in the developing nations of the forgotten world.
- Norman Borlaug

Where the quality of life goes down for the environment, the quality of life goes down for humans.
- George Holland

The fate of the living planet is the most important issue facing mankind.
- Gaylord Nelson

Gardening is civil and social, but it wants the vigor and freedom of the forest and the outlaw.
- Henry David Thoreau

A man sits in his car at the traffic lights, waiting for them to go green.
- Michael Frayn

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.
- Sigmund Jahn

If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come.
- n/a

The battle we have fought, and are still fighting, for the forests is a part of the eternal conflict between right and wrong.
- John Muir

Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.
- Aldo Leopold

Every time you admire something in nature, it's a prayer to the Creator.
- Vernon Harper

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
- Martin Luther

It is a curious situation that the sea, from which life first arose, should now be threatened by the activities of one form of that life.
- Rachel Carson

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.
- Hanna Rion

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