Good Morning Quotes for Friends

Posted by Vebra on November 16, 2013

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One morning I winked at you and gave a hug and smile. This morning I call you to my desk to say good morning.

Good morning from Uranus! I am revolving around the Sun once every 84 Earth years. LOL. Here comes the Sun.

Keep calm. The Sun has come and the mist has gone. Looking directly at the Sun causes phosphene visual artifacts and temporary partial blindness.

A distant object such as Sun appears immediately upon opening the eyes. Well, it's not like you, friends. I remember you this morning, how are you there? I am fine here.

If we wake up at the same time every day, our body actually begins the process of waking up long before our alarm sounds. Let's take the benefits of waking up early.

A system has a net force when an unbalanced force is exerted on it, in other words the sum of all forces is not zero. Good morning! Acceleration and net force always exist together.

The fact is ultraviolet light from the Sun has antiseptic properties and can be used to sanitize tools and water. Any idea?

You dream you wake up panting and sweaty then I wipe the dried tears remaining on your cheeks. Good morning! Someone has been crying in her sleep. Here I am.

I know what you did last summer but I hope you are not waking up in such an unrelaxed manner. Cheers! Now it's time for me.. the man on the fringe left to wake up too and smell the coffee.

Electric guitar design & construction varies greatly as to the shape of the body, and configuration of the neck, bridge, and pickups. Imagine this electric guitar is new everyday like our morning -- we are the unique guitarist not the audience.

Earth is rotating. Rotation is spin. Spin plays a role in many sports such as topspin and backspin in tennis, follow and draw in billiards and pool, curve balls in baseball, spin bowling in cricket, etc. We are the sportsman everyday. We have enthusiasm to play.

The main use of a calendar is to identify days: to be informed about and/or to plan for a future event and to record an event that has happened. Do best today and smile at your calendar.

If I go to check my laptop this early morning, it will get this following error message when it try to boot: "Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to resleep"

Spirit of sunshine.. Getting online to read my news feed on twitter/ facebook and sometimes have a morning download. No, my trees don't grow tall enough to block out my sunshine. It only happens less than 10 minutes.

Once more the Sun rises. Once more as I watch alone. The dark sky begins to glow brightly as my hopes rise as you come again.

The conditions are beautiful again. They are very different to what we had yesterday - skies are blue and the latest forcast is picking winds of around 4 to 15 knots. Good morning and good luck!

During most dreams, the person dreaming is not aware that they are dreaming, no matter how absurd or eccentric the dream is. Good morning, friends, we are the humans.

Thank God, you own the copyright and the legal status of this universe. Hope You bless us.

If you didn't arise before dawn.. me too, I didn't get up early this beautiful morning and took it lazy for while. Good morning! Now I am getting ready for today, I find my thoughts going towards the storage of my ideas. Wow.

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